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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I absolutely love hunting for cheap, great products.. where the price is definitely not a reflection of the quality!

Here are some of my favourite ones, which I love and repurchase constantly!


Elf Powder Brush:

I love this brush!  Although it is marketed for use with face powder or blush, I actually use it with liquid foundation.  This blends my foundation perfectly and as it is quite large, it takes next to no time to do my entire face.  Get it here!

Collection 2000 'The hlighlighter'

One of my favourite highlighters.  It is described as a multi purpose illuminating cream stick for cheeks, eyes, lips and body.  I have 2 of these - in 'Maldives' and 'Riviera' and use one of them literally every day (mainly as a highlighter on my cheekbones).  This product is so easy to apply, and blends effortlessly leaving a beautiful sublte shimmer.  They are also very cheap alternative to the Nars Multiples!!  However, these are no longer available in stores :(  but are always easily found on ebay

Collection 2000 'Last perfection concealer'

I have been using this concealer for about 4 months now, after hearing nothing but good things about it.  Although I don't think it actually last for the 16 hours that it claims to, it most definitely does a great job of covering any blemishes/flaws I have, without looking cakey. Love it!

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette

This is a great palette of 12 neutral shades which are very usable!  They may not be the best quality wise, but great for every day wear. These shadows blend well, and when applied over a base, last all day on my lids! At £4, why wouldn't you?! Check it out here


Johnson's facial cleansing wipes

I love these wipes! Although I would never recommend using wipes over your daily facial routine, we all have those times when we really cannot be bothered! This is for those times! I have used these wipes for years and have nothing to fault them on.  You can also usually find them on offer at Boots!


Another product which I have used for years!  However, I never apply this to my lips as I find it quite drying.   Instead, I use this product on my eyelashes and also on my cuticles at night before bed. Never without it! Find it here

Do you have any cheap essential products you love?

Megan xxx

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