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Friday, 12 July 2013

the sun is shining, the weather is sweet

Here in London we have amazing weather! Our usual grey and gloomy skies have been replaced by bright blue, clear loveliness!!

However, all this beautiful weather highlights how terribly unprepared our city is for heat!  Our underground (metro/tube) has no air conditioning. So i will just leave it to your imagination how pleasant a rush hour train journey (squished together with a thousand other people) is at the end of a long hot day!  You really can end up looking like a hot mess!

But I have a handy set of beauty tips and products which help me stay looking fresh and feeling cooler.

At home:

- I steer away from foundation in the summer months, and use a tinted moisturizer/BB cream (or just concealer where necessary).  A lot of us girls become really dependent on foundation, when we actually don't need it!  You will really feel much fresher throughout the day without a heavy foundation!

If you do however prefer to use your usual foundation, make sure you apply a good primer before, and use a setting spray after! Primer and setting sprays are regularly available now from most make up brands in drugstores etc.

A friend once told me that she opens the freezer and pops her head in right after applying her foundation - this apparently helps set it too!!  (well it will at least cool you down! haha)

Out and about:

- Blotting sheets: There is nothing that icks me out more, than seeing sweaty faced ladies piling on powder!  I always carry a little pack of blotting sheets in my bag during the summer months, to gently blot and absorb the extra moisture on my face before applying any powder to matify. You can find these in everyday supermarkets, drugstores and high end make up brands. You could also just get a facial tissue, peel the layer sheets apart and blot your face with this!

1. Bobbi Brown blotting papers.  2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissue.  3. Boots Skin Clear Shine Blotting papers.  4. Clean&Clear Oil absorbing sheets

- Facial mist: After I've 'blotted' any extra unwanted moisture from my face, I then spray a mist of wanted moisture! cools you down straight away and absorbs into your skin in an instant!  I would recommend a water based mist, rather than the cream based options - more cooling and refreshing!You can find a variety of options, but I would recommend then Avene Eau Thermal Water Spray!

- Water: keep a small bottle with you all the time, and sip regularly throughout the day to keep hydrated.  But it's actually better to drink cool room temperature water, rather than very cold water, as your body will generate heat after to compensate for the heat loss.
You can also hold your wrist under a cold tap for a few seconds, this is a main pulse point so cools your blood down, which can help you feel cooler.
An one last random tip - the temperature of our feet really affect how hot/cool we feel.  So forget about any closed shoes, and embrace sandals/flipflops (anything strappy and airy) whilst you can!
Hope this was helpful! Enjoy the weekend!! : )

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