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Sunday, 17 February 2013

'Impress' Press on manicure

I have seriously been neglecting my nails for the last couple weeks! Truly shameful and they have gotten so bad that I couldn't stand to even see them!

This all tempted me into trying the Impress press on manicure! Amazing!

I got mine from Boots (they're currently on offer: 2 for £7.99!). They were so quick and easy to apply. I was amazed!  Instead of using the typical harsh nail glue that is difficult to use and can damage your nails and surrounding skin, the Impress nails use a type of double-sided-sticky-tape. All you do is peel off the covering layer of the tape, revealing the sticky part and press the 'impress nail' onto your own nail.  Done! On top of that they look really natural and are a manageable length, perfect for me!They come with 24 pieces that cover 12 sizes and a nice range of colours.

They claim to last 1 week -  I've had mine on for 4 days now and still going strong! Lets see if I get to a week!

Overall I am thoroughly impressed by 'impress' press on manicure! Haha :-D

For more information about the colours and patterns available, see their website You can buy them from Boots, Superdrug, amazon and direct from their website.

Have you tried Impress?


Thursday, 14 February 2013


Happy Valentines Everyone! Whether you celebrating the day with a special someone, with friends..or not celebrating at all; I wanted to share some sweet Valentines Inspired photos :)

Lasting Love..

Sea Otters holding hands whilst sleeping so they don't get separated



Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mobile blogging & my new best friend

Woohoo I can now blog on the go! (Hopefully that will mean I can actually post more regularly). I'm using the 'blogger' app- so far so good!

Also wanted to share with you a little gem I'm currently obsessed with. It's the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lip protectant! It's in a new much more user friendly little tub! Definitely my best friend in this cold weather! Amazing stuff!


Kiko Milano Cosmetics

I have to say I am relatively new to Kiko Cosmetics.  I first saw one of their stores here in Barcelona where I am currently working.  I had a quick browse through, but being the cautious type, I didn't buy anything. But when I saw a friend with their full-coverage concealer I decided to give it a whirl.  Haven't looked back!

Italian born Kiko Milano Cosmetics (, is relatively new (launched in 1997) and although not as mainstream as MAC cosmetics, I find it hard to differentiate them on quality and performance - they are also similar in terms of packaging.  

Theirs was the first compact foundation I've tried (Perfect Glow Compact foundation). And although I have nothing to compare it against (as I'm a liquid or mineral powder girl), I really enjoy using it.  The foundation has a light, creamy consistency and glides on, lasting all day.  However, I always powder after I apply it as I find it just a tad bit too 'glowly' for my taste (but this is a minor downside considering how much i love it). The fact that its ingredients include Ginseng, Ginko Biloba and vitamin C is an added bonus!

I have also been using their full coverage concealer (in 02 - natural) continously since purchasing it!  It's great!  Light yet offers a full coverage.  I can even apply it under my eyes without the area looking 'cakey' or over done.  Win!

I'm also loving their powder blushes! They apply and blend beautiful without looking streaky or harsh.  I have 'orange coral' - which is a gorgeous coral/pink  with gold specks -  and pastel pink.

Overall, Kiko is a great brand and I'm itching to try more from their range.  I've heard that their pencil lipglosses are amazing - and at £3.90 each!!  They have stores in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK and Spain.
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