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Friday, 3 January 2014

I'm back..and I hate January

After pulling a Houdini for a few months..I'm back and can officially say that I hate January.  The highs of Christmas and New Years have left a very obvious low, and suddenly (and all to quickly) I'm back to reality with nothing to look forward to!  Mr. London (where I am) doesn't help as he seems to also hate January as much as I do. Hello rain, dark skies and wind.

But there's nothing that a lovely beauty product can't solve! Cue in the Shinjuku Bloom Hand Lotion from & other stories!

I was given this from Secret Santa and love it! It sits on my desk at work, and with every pump i'm reminded of the soon to come Spring months! This lotion has a lovely floral scent and leaves my hands feeling soft and healthy (I don't really know if you can describe hands as feeling healthy, but they just do!)

This is my first beauty product from & other stories, and I will definitely be going in store to try some other things! -- only to fend off the threatening 'down-ness of January of course...

Happy New Year!

Megan xxx

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  1. I love your blog


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