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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tips and Tricks!

Here are a few beauty tips and tricks I’ve picked up in the past. Thought it would be interesting to share them with you!

-        Want to keep your face mattified and even? Dab your finger over a stick deodorant and pat it onto the areas that you want to appear more matte and where you want the pores to be less visible.  It works!

-        Want to create a matte lip? – apply one coat of your chosen lipstick, then lightly dust on some face powder.  Follow with a second coat of lipstick.  The powder draws out the oil from the lipstick – giving a more mattified effect. This trick also makes your lipstick last significantly longer.

-        Have hard to curl eyelashes? – run your eyelash curlers under hot water or blast them for a few seconds with a hair dryer to make your own ‘heated eye lash curlers’.  You can also opt to use waterproof mascara as this formula dries faster than the regular one, and will help set the curl.

-        Do you get red patchy skin (like between your brows/chin/cheeks?) – steep a bag of green tea for 1 minute, then remove it from the water and let it cool down. Dab it all over your face, concentrating on your problem areas – the antioxidants in the tea reduce the redness/inflammation.

-        Run out of shaving cream? – use conditioner! I think this is actually better than shaving cream. The conditioner softens the hairs making it easier to shave, and also allows a closer shave.  As an added bonus, your legs are left silky smooth.

-        Tired of your perfume wearing off?- Dab some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the areas that you want to apply the perfume to (wrists, sides of neck etc) then spray your fragrance on top. The perfume adheres to this and doesn’t disappear as fast as it would from dry skin.  Also – if you’re wearing a dress/skirt, spray your perfume onto your knees and ankles, as scent rises.

-         Want thicker eyelashes? – With an eyeshadow brush, lightly dust a face powder or matte eyeshadow onto the tops of your eyelashes, then apply your usual mascara over this.  This instantly makes your eyelashes appear thicker.

-        Want to get rid of rough/dry skin? -  Cut a lemon and rub onto the areas you want to improve – (elbows/heels). The citric acid helps remove dead skin.  Be aware that this can also have a lightening effect.

-        Want your make-up to last?  - Typically it is advised to use a primer before and a setting spray after applying your make-up.  But if you don’t own or want to buy expensive primers/setting sprays there are other options: use aloe vera gel as a primer (which you can find cheaply anywhere e.g. here) this works well as a base for makeup. To set your face (now, have an open mind…), open the freezer after you have finished applying all your make-up, close your eyes and put your head close to let the cold air hit your face.  This will help set your makeup. You can also spray a fine mist of hair spray over your face.

-        And my final tip is not to always follow the rules with make up.  Use lip-stick on your cheeks, blusher/bronzer on your eyes etc.  When you start experimenting with your make up and using it in different ways, you will discover so many new looks.

I will update on tips/tricks regularly when I come across more!

 Are there are tips/tricks that you know of?

Megan xxx

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